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Photographic Expertise. Our Heritage.

Founded about 30 years ago, PRA established itself as a leading provider of high-quality photographic and imaging solutions.  As an exclusive provider of Germany’s Leica photographic equipment, PRA continues to support this high-calibre, signature brand – in addition to an equally-impressive range of cutting-edge equipment and accessories.

Tomorrow’s New Technologies.
Here Today.

Always keen to embrace innovation and new technologies, PRA today serves its customers with an impressive range of evolving technology and solutions. We lead the field with:

  • Virtual/Hybrid-Reality products and solutions
  • Enhanced training, learning and relaxation
  • Advanced features including:
    • Gesture recognition and camera-equipped devices
    • Head and eye-movement tracking and feedback
    • Mass-delivery and management of content
  • Customised content and solutions
  • Real-life experiences for those with special needs

Service & Support.
Trustworthy Advice.

With top-tier expertise in the merging fields of photography, media, imaging, and computing products, PRA is well-equipped to provide the expertise and thought-leadership demanded by today’s clients.  PRA continues to excel with solutions catering specifically to many industry verticals – with an especially strong focus in education, health, safety and more.

PRA is exceptionally well-regarded and holds many differentiating credentials – including in the Apple technology and solution space:

  • Apple Authorised Education Reseller
  • Apple Authorised Service Provider
  • Member of Apple’s Education Solutions Experts

End-to-End Solutions.
Throughout the Asset Lifecycle.

PRA provides ad-hoc and managed service capabilities and offers both Leasing and Asset Lifecycle Management and Disposal solutions:

  • Hardware End-of-Life / End-of-Lease Specialists
  • Tackle Budget Constraints.  Best Market Value Returns
  • A proven End-of-Life Hardware Strategy
  • Assist with New Model Transitioning